2018 the start of something great

Today is January 1, 2018. I find myself opening the year in the same way I've closed the previous, at a horse show.

Horse shows are a great place for reflection. Mainly because they offer plenty of down time, mindless and repetitive activities like stall cleaning, and the chance to surround yourself with a myriad of characters.

As I sit basking in the Scottsdale sun waiting for another class to begin, I reflect on 2017. It was like any other year a roller coaster of emotions. I moved back to Utah. I changed career paths (again). I found a new hobby. I met some amazing new friends.

Moving into 2018, my goals have not shifted. The many life changes made a few goals unrealistic to complete in 2017. For 2018, my hopes and goals are as follows:

  • To pay off my debts.
  • Start saving for my own property, wherever it may be.
  • Make new and meaningful connections with those who inspire me or those I hope to emulate.
  • Continue to share my love of horses with the next generation of riders.

I'm ready for 2018, whatever it will bring.

Until next time,

The Western Fashion Paige