Three Geezers and A Girl: Episode 3 Loss of a Geezer

It’s been awhile since a 3 geezer and a girl adventure has graced the glossy pages of the innerwebs. There’s been adventuring, laughing, cussing and crying happening I promise you that. So what’s with the lapse?

Well a few things. One I don’t necessarily love to write. Sure I can send out a quip or “paint a picture with words” que the eyeroll but I don’t love to sit down and spew out a lifelong saga. Two and this is the big one. We lost a geezer. Not like literally lost him somewhere, though it’s happened. Lost, as in he died. DIED.

Reading my ramblings you’ve grown accustomed to the whose who by now, in terms of the geezers. If you haven’t please read Episode 1. In terms of reality and maybe some sarcasm, I didn’t think my dad, the infamous Shawn Wayne, would be the geezer we lost. I thought it’d be one of the old farts (Floyd or Gramps)….sorry guys…you’re in a word, ancient. But fates funny that way…and as dad always said “God decides”.

So here we are, one geezer down. You’d think I’d write more on my best friend but I think I formed enough words in his obituary and talking at the graveside. I said a little. I could have  said more, I could have spewed on and on about all our adventures and the memories and the life. But my dad was a guy of few words, he hated funerals and he hated too much talk, almost as much as he hated people. (You think I’m joking about hating people…..I’m not.)

There were a few people of course that he didn’t hate: the geezers, my sister, grandma, my crazy aunt Jane, my mom and me. He was proud of us, he showed it in odd ways but he was proud. He was proud of my writing too. Paying for 4 years’ worth of school proved that. Got those 2 B.A.s, thanks dad. There were several jokes about “being careful or we’ll end up on 3 geezers!” He wanted me to write about our adventures, I’ll admit I was selfish and didn’t make the time. Well now, there’s time to be made.

I guess this is where I say one geezer rode away but it’s not the end. As every person knows there’s only one thing old guys and team ropers love more than beer and it’s re-ride stories. So for now that’s what they will be, re-rides of our adventures. As time goes on, I’m sure there will be new stories to tell because Floyd, gramps and I will keep on, keepin’ on. It’s all we can do….one step at a time, one day at a time. I hope you’ll continue to follow along, find a laugh or two.

Until next time,

the girl, Paige.