#ThrowbackThursday January 12, 2015 Crushing on Crushable Hats

Crushing on Crushable Hats was originally published on the Kimes Ranch Blog, January 12, 2015.
Credit: Charlie 1 Horse Website

Credit: Charlie 1 Horse Website

The crushable felt hats are forecasted to be all the rage this year.  Reminiscing the ease of the ‘70s style, retailers are channeling the bohemian vibe. MTV Style describes floppy, crushable hats as "stylish, functional, and the secret weapon for getting out of the house sans makeup and unbrushed hair." Charlie 1 Horse offers several styles including The Gypsy and The Wanderlust that we’ve seen on rodeo fashionistas like Stephanie Feild (wife of World Champion Kaycee Feild) and former Miss Rodeo America Jennifer (Douglas) Smith.


So what’s so great about these hats and why should you own one?

Well as MTV Style already mentioned it’s stylish and functional. Topping your look with a crushable hat gives it instant chic.  It’s versatile.  A felt crushable hat transitions from winter to summer with ease. Offering 360° sun protection crushable hats are perfect for those hot summer days when you’re stuck in the stands or for after your run when you have “beautiful” (and did I mention dirty?) hat hair and need to cover it up. In the winter, it protects your tresses from the damaging winter winds.  These hats make a great transition from the street to the rodeo or show stands.

You bought it, now how do you wear it?

Any way you want! In all seriousness these hats come in an array of styles, shapes, brim widths, and colors. Find what speaks to you and rock it.

Wear the hat, don’t let it wear you. So many times we buy things just because it’s “trendy”. If you don’t care for the big floppy crushable don’t buy it. Go for a smaller brimmed crushable. It’s all about you and what you like.

Here are some suggested “pairables” for your crushable:

  • Wide legged (or flared if that’s your thing) jeans
  • Palazzo pants
  • A romper
  • Your favorite denim dress
  • Skinny jeans, and a flowing top
  • A killer kimono
  • A Fur Vest

To truly dress for success with this style don’t try to work against the free-flowing vibe. Don’t be overly matchy-matchy if your rocking navy pair it with a great tan or be brave and try black. Although to counter myself on the “matchy-matchy”, the black on black look is truly one of my go-to styles, blame it on my inner rocker.

I would love to see your crushable worthy outfits!