What's in a Logo?

I've read on several sites and written on it myself, but on this crazy journey to create a blog, I've learned the importance of the "good vibe tribe". The good vibe tribe if you don't already know, is a group who helps you build and grow. They encourage you in all the right ways and step up to the plate to answer all your questions.

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That brings me to the logo. The one essential element that every brand, website, blog, product, etc. needs. A good logo sells. Think about it, where would Nike be without the swish, McDonalds without the golden arches? It's hard to say but a good logo is a key piece.

In my quest to create a website/blog that represented myself, my view of western fashion and the varying industries I'm involved with designing a logo was daunting. Especially after I came up with such a good name for my website! (Where's my winking emoji?!) I hit the web, hard. I googled, logo design. That was a headache. Que. the good vibe tribe!

My friend, Ted Stovin, runs a website called Everything Cowboy. I write for him occasionally, but mainly he's my go-to guy for rodeo and bull riding questions. If you need to know, Ted's your guy. I asked him who designed his logo (which is pretty awesome), if he had contacts, etc. Of course he did! I am, however, impatient. I needed a logo and I needed it like, YESTERDAY!

Back to square one, I knew I liked Ted's logo and I also have an obsession with the Nudie Rodeo Tailors Logo. Well the fonts, not necessarily the nudie cowgirl. Any who. I doodled. A horrible, horrible doodle(s). Then I started messaging. Hello good vibe tribe, I missed you.

Que. Kiley Ruben aka Big Bite Design and Media. After sending her my "doodles", my color loves and currently logo obsessions. She took my vision and went about bringing my logo to life. After several emails back and forth the logo for The Western Fashion Paige was born.

It's me, it's western, it's bada** and most importantly it's from my tribe!

Until next time.