What's The Western Fashion Paige?

The Western Fashion Paige is a journey, not a destination. Ok fine, it's a blog! When things transitioned, I decided to start a  western fashion blog and what better name than a play on words of my own name?

At Kimes Ranch, they deemed me "Fashion Paige" as I was the resident fashion blogger and there were two Paige's writing for the site. The name stemmed from Kimes Ranch but calling my blog "The Fashion Paige" seemed unoriginal. (Thank you Google for bringing that to light, there are approximately 6 "The Fashion Paige" in case you were wondering.)

With so many of my friends following my writing on several formats (Kimes Ranch, Everything Cowboy, and my several freelance ventures) I needed a place to write what I wanted and how I wanted. I hope you find The Western Fashion Paige a go-to venue for western fashion; rodeo and horse show rants and raves; and most importantly a great place to waste your time.

To all of you who've encouraged me to write more or encouraged my crazy ideas in more ways than I can count, I thank you.

I'm excited to start this new journey and look forward to where this road will lead.