3 Geezers and a Girl: Episode 2 The Facebook and other social media

You may all have been wondering what's been going on with the 3 geezers and a girl. Well the girl has been, in the words of the geezers, "been off being a play baby". In the words of the girl, I have been off working in Arizona and Oklahoma at horse shows and riding for some pretty awesome trainers. Follow the money kids, follow the money.

I've recently returned to the arctic tundra formerly known as Utah to celebrate the holidays, ride my own horses and spend some time with the geezers.

I was informed upon my return of all happenings. The 3 geezers as you may or may not know are members of the Facebook community. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Here's a quick rundown of the geezers and their use of technology:

Gramps aka grandpa aka Dave:the head geezer, retired, has Facebook and Instagram, 101 friends (30 mutual), pretty good at the computer, can send an email and use Amazon prime, I would say lead computer genius of the geezers. Master Facebook stalker, rarely shares or likes, checks the classified/groups for deals but never buys.

Dad aka Shawn aka Shawn Wayne aka the Lone Ranger: not retired but counting down the years, days probably minutes until retirement. Fairly new to Facebook, 163 friends (51 mutual). Until recently, I wasn't even aware that he could turn on a computer. I have since learned he can send an email in 30 minutes and can watch roping videos on YouTube. Master stalker, likes everything you post (probably 1st to like it, due largely in part to the fact he has more done before you even wake up) shares everything roping related, checks the classifieds/groups religiously but never buys unless the girl can facilitate with PayPal and using messenger.

Floyd: recently retired, Facebook user 141 friends (20 mutual), computer skills unknown. Shares what Shawn shares, watches for the local area ropings that he's gonna enter.

As already established in episode 1, the geezers are all knowing. The Facebook, as they call it, is merely another tool for them to know exactly what everyone is doing at any given moment; even though they probably already knew.

Social media will never be the same.

Until next time,

The girl, Paige.